Buying a home vs renting

Buying a home versus renting

Having to make a decision between buying a home or renting it is amongst the greatest monetary decisions that many individuals would have to make in their lifetime. The choice of purchasing an apartment of renting it is a major decision. It is difficult to decipher the better deal as the cost of purchasing a home is muddled and more varied than the cost of renting an apartment.

This decision doesn’t simply influence how much cash you have left toward the month end; it likewise influences your way of life and cumulative savings. However, most people feel that purchase of homes is a better investment as it is a source of tax deductions and the value of the asset. On the flip side, people rent homes due to the reduced responsibility and the flexibility afforded.

Given the various expensive expenses related with buying a home, most youths start off by renting a home. As they climb up their career rungs and earn higher, most of them end up purchasing homes.  On the flip side of the age range, landlords close to their retirement age may offer to trade their family homes, cut back on spending and become tenants again.

Many landholders receive rewards that one can’t get from leasing, for example, stability, monetary security and tax deductions. With each installment payment, one is closer to becoming a landlord. The equity on the asset can be used for loans and refinance to enhance the home and increase its value.

Even though renting a home isn’t as beneficial in terms of monetary benefits, it is less expensive to rent a home monthly. In case you are considering how to save for installment, renting can be your way out. In costly and aggressive markets, renting might be the best option on a long-term basis. If you however, consider buying, try using a mortgage calculator to evaluate the costs and compare rates to get the best deal.

Itemized below are the reasons renting is the better option:


  • You have limited money

In case that you don’t have the cash for an up-front installment and extra expenses of owning a home, leasing is the best alternative. Try to make use of rent and purchase calculators of popular real estate websites to know what you can afford.


  • Your job security is not certain

If you are not sure about your job security or you depend on contract jobs, you should try to concentrate more on saving for unforeseen occurrence and future expenses.


  • You have an interim schedule

If you are contracted to a temporary job that wouldn’t last more than two years, it is more advisable to rent a home in the neighborhood rather than spending much on purchasing a home. The same advice is also feasible when you intend starting up a family in the next few years. Similarly, if you are experiencing a critical transition in your life, such as loss of family and divorce, renting is a better option before you get back your stability.


However, buying is the better option when:


  • You can take care of the extra expenses related to owning a home

Before purchasing any home, try to ensure that you can pay the up-front installment and closing costs. Most banks demand a 20 percent up-front installment. So in the event that you are buying a $250,000 home, a 20 percent upfront installment would amount to $50,000. That is notwithstanding a regular commission of 5 to 6 percent in addition to another 1 percent in closing costs. Maintenance fees are additionally a major factor to plan for.


  • You intend to spend about five years in the home

It’s best to purchase when you have a long-term plan. Remaining in a home that you purchase for half a decade or more means you will probably recover what you paid in transaction fees and generate a good ROI.


  • You need to reap the monetary rewards of ownership

Little interest costs make owning a home alluring in light of the fact that it diminishes the sum borrowers pay on their mortgages. Home loan rates are at record lows after the 2008 monetary emergency. The normal rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage low as 3.9 percent. Furthermore, you can increase the value of your home, something that isn’t conceivable with a rented apartment.