How do I prepare my home for sale?

You have decided it is time for a change and that you are ready to sell your home, congratulations! Here at Lisa Cogdill Realty, we are delighted to help you through the process of the sale and purchase of a new home! Being in Western North Carolina, and having grown up here, Lisa is an expert in this unique market. Recently we were asked a question that we felt would be beneficial to everyone if we answered it in our news tips. That question was, “How do I prepare my home for sale?”

Disassociate Yourself from Your Home

Every seller wants their home to sell quickly and get the most money they can from their property. To do this, you must plan carefully and spruce up your property in advance. Letting go of your home can be difficult, but you must look at your home without emotion and become unbiased.

Mostly, look at your home like you would a major project or product that you have to sell. Close your eyes and imagine handing over the keys to a new owner. Walk through each room of your home and envision it as if you were someone looking to purchase the home. This will help you accept that shortly this will no longer be your home and it will help you begin to see the things that will need to be done.

Depersonalize the Space

Go ahead and pack up personal items such as photographs, family heirlooms, etc. When the home sells you are going to have to pack up anyway and packing up your personal details can be the first step. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize their own photos and artwork hanging on the walls. If a buyer walks through your home and sees all your personal effects, it can make it difficult for them not to be distracted.

The same is true for the furniture in your home as well. Although we like to imagine everyone shares our tastes in décor, it isn’t true that they do. If you have a piece of furniture that is very bold and eye-catching, it can distract your buyer from seeing the benefits of specific living spaces. For example, if your living room has a bright red sofa with zebra print accent pillows, you may want to remove it and place a more understated sofa in its place.

Declutter in Advance

The longer we live in a home, the more we collect. It is amazing how much junk we accumulate over time. Take our advice if you have items in your home that you have not used in over a year you don’t need them. If you don’t need them then why don’t you donate them?

As you begin the process of decluttering your home take a moment to consider if you want to pack up some items and if you don’t think you do, then they need to go.

Remove books from bookcases, pack up items on countertops, and go ahead and pack up those knickknacks. Little things can prove to be a significant distraction to home buyers so get a head start on your packing and remove them.

Organize & Rearrange Your Closets and Cabinets

Buyers will snoop and open every closet door and cabinet that they can. Why? Because they want to see how much room is available to them for their own belongings.

If someone opens a door or closet and things fall on them, what kind of impression does this leave on them? Every space of your home needs to be viewed as an “ad” that sells your home to a buyer, and you do not want to leave any space messy.

Take time to stack your dishes neatly and that the clothing in your closets is organized. With this extra effort, it will leave the impression on your buyers that you took excellent care of your home, thus giving them reassurance in their purchase.

Make Minor Repairs

As you begin to pack up your belongings and notice imperfections go ahead and make those repairs. These can be as simple as holes in the walls where pictures used to hang, fixing a drawer that does not close right, leaky faucets, etc. The smallest thing can turn a buyer off without you knowing it so do everything in your power to prevent this.

You may also want to repaint your walls a neutral color if you chose bold hues in your home. Think of your home as a canvas waiting to be painted by your buyers.

Moreover, go ahead and replace those burned-out light bulbs if they cannot see an area they may look elsewhere.

Deep Clean

Finally, give the interior and exterior of your home a thorough deep clean. You may want to hire someone to professionally clean for you to make your home sparkle!

When you are finished with everything take the time to go back and revisit each room with fresh eyes. Imagine yourself as the buyer and make any changes necessary. If a piece of furniture doesn’t look right move it then.

After all, is done you will have a head start on packing and will be on track mentally to sell your home. Keep in mind there are several steps in the sale of a house, but we will be here for you every step of the way. Lisa Cogdill Realty is a professional real estate firm that specializes in helping you buy and sell your property. Contact Lisa today with any questions you may have here!